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Siretta 60944 SNYPER-LTEM Graphyte (GL) - Signal strength analyzer/data logger: monitor. & Protocol. CAT M/NB-IoT & 2G (Global Frequency Coverage)

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The SNYPER-LTEM (GL) is a powerful, multi-language network signal analyzer for surveying LTE Cat M, LTE Cat NB IoT & 2G / GSM Global networks.

It has a number of key features and can perform three types of surveys:

LTE Cat M (LTE Cat M network with signal strength in the surrounding area).
LTE Cat NB IoT (LTE Cat NB IoT network without signal strength in the area *)
2G / GSM (2G / GSM networks with signal strength in the area).
The LTE Cat M and LTE Cat NB IoT surveys capture the base station with the strongest signal for each operator in the local area. The 2G / GSM survey provides multiple results from each operator in a single survey.

The powerful SNYPER summary page displays percentage thresholds to determine the most appropriate MNO available, and the performance of a "preferred" MNO can be evaluated against the other networks.

SNYPER can also be used to determine optimal antenna placement and perform local site surveys.

SNYPER results for the LTE Cat NB IoT network do not include received signal strength. This is a limitation based on the interaction between the internal chipset and the network infrastructure, which provides an appropriate metric to measure received signal strength.

- Advanced cellular surveying of new and existing deployments in LTE Cat M, LTE Cat NB IoT and 2G / GSM networks.
- Determine the most suitable operator for the application.
- Evaluate the performance of your "preferred" MNO
- Determine the optimal antenna placement
- Output results in CSV and graphical HTML format

- Advanced cell surveying & sequential logging of new and existing installations on
4G/LTE Cat M, LTE NB IoT and 2G/GSM
- User selectable logging options to determine most reliable cellular operator
- Presets for measurement cycles & measurement intervals
- Evaluation of MNO performance over time
- Results in CSV & graphical HTML format
- Save multiple logged surveys
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