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Poynting A-OMNI-0402-V1-01 Ultra-Wide MIMO (2x2) Omni-directional Marine & Coastal LTE & WiFi antenna, 410 - 2700 MHz., 6.2 dBi, 2m Kabel SMA (m)

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The OMNI-402 is an ultra wideband antenna that offers the user a 2×2 MIMO capability with its vertically separated radiation elements, all located in the same radome. At the same time, it covers all today's LTE operating frequencies with excellent balanced gain across all frequencies. The antenna design gives Poynting superior pattern control over the entire frequency range. This makes the OMNI-402 a true high-performance omnidirectional MIMO antenna suitable for marine and coastal applications. The OMNI-402 can be used anywhere in the world and guarantees signal reception almost anywhere. Poynting Antennas achieves this through a new antenna configuration with multiple dipoles and a unique (patented) feed-in network. The antenna is future-proof as it covers the 450 MHz LTE frequency and is becoming increasingly popular in various regions and countries.

- 2×2 MIMO (2 ports) in a single package for simplified implementation
- Covers today's 698-2700MHz LTE bands and the 450-470MHz band.
- This antenna also supports Wi-Fi/WiMax/LTE 3.3GHz-3.8GHz frequencies.
- Easy mounting with 1 inch marine standard mounts for feedthrough
- Robust and all-weather (IP 68)UV and salt water protected against stormy weather conditions.
- Various mounting options available

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