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Poynting A-XPOL-0002-V3-02 Cross Polarized LTE & 5G Antenna - 690-3800 MHz. - max. Gain: 11 dBi - Bulkhead N-Type (Female) - IP65 - Wall & Pole mount

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The XPOL-2-5G is Poynting's third generation "V3" of this very popular cross-polarized (XPOL) cellular 2×2 MIMO antenna. The antenna housing looks basically the same as the second generation "V2", but has been completely redesigned inside. We have used advanced metamaterial technology, using artificial magnetic conductors (AMC) and a new registered/patented radiator configuration that has proven to be exceptionally bandwidth and gain enhancing. The radiation patterns of this antenna are exceptionally well controlled, further enhancing the performance of the antenna.

The XPOL-2-5G antenna covers the newer bands 3400 - 3800 MHz, not previously covered by our V2, and is suitable for 2G, 3G, 4G and 5G. This antenna performs exceptionally well in the following frequency bands: 698 - 960MHz, 1700 - 2170MHz, 2300 - 2700MHz & 3400 - 3800MHz. In addition to the new bands, the gain in the bands 1700MHz and 2.7GHz is about 3dB higher than the "V2" over the same frequency bands! Our "V2" antenna already outperformed most competitors in these bands, so this significant improvement in gain shows the advantages of the new advanced materials and the novel radiator design.

So if it was a car, we installed an engine with completely new technology that produces twice the power under the hood - it may look the same, but just wait until you turn on the ignition!
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