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BOSCH TPS110 EU PLS LoRaWAN Parkinglot Sensor

Bosch Connected Devices
Product no.: A41750
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BOSCH TPS110 EU PLS LoRaWAN Parkinglot Sensor
BOSCH TPS110 EU PLS LoRaWAN Parkinglot Sensor
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Christoph Hilbert frei

Christoph Hilbert
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Payload Decoder

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Products description
Do you want to monitor your customers' parking times in your parking lot? Are there vehicles parked at your e-charging stations that should not be there? Do you need an overview of free parking spaces in a certain area?

The parking sensor PLS TPS110 EU is used to detect the occupancy of parking spaces with parked vehicles. The sensor base is screwed or glued to the substrate (e.g. concrete, asphalt). For this purpose we recommend a two-component adhesive, which we also offer as an accessory.

During operation, the sensor is continuously calibrated automatically by parking. The sensor core is replaceable without removing the base from the ground. The battery has a lifetime of up to 5 years.

Many customers additionally want to coordinate their gritting service in winter. The built-in temperature sensor with configurable alarm message helps with this. By the way: the PLS is resistant to various mechanical influences: Snow plows*, trucks according to 2007/46/EC and high pressure cleaning.

*max. weight of 5.5 tons, blade: flexible flap to the ground, max. weight 1 ton, max. speed 20 km/h

- saving of cabling and installation costs
- mounting by screwing or gluing (see accessories)
- Weight: 191 g, height 35mm
- Self-calibrating parking sensor with magnetometer and radar
- Rugged design withstands snow plows*, trucks and high-pressure cleaning (IP67/IPx9K)
- Temperature monitoring e.g. for gritting service coordination
- Battery life up to 5 years - lithium battery (Li-SOCI2, 3.6 V, 1200 mAh)
This Product was added to our catalogue on 20/05/2019.
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BOSCH TPS110 EU PLS LoRaWAN Parkinglot Sensor
A41750 Shipping time: in stock
Specialprice 159,00 EUR 6%
19 % VAT plus. excl. Shipping costs
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