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Kerlink PDTIOT-ISS06 Wirnet iStation 923 MHz LoRa Outdoor Base Station - LoRaWAN Gateway with Ethernet and 4G

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685,00 EUR
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Maintenance contracts 1-5 years Bronze, Silver, Gold on request

The iStation is the ideal gateway to support your Smart City, Smart Industry or any other Smart Project that combines easy installation with superior technical features.

High performance, reliability and robustness
- Carrier Grade Design with excellent heat dissipation
- Semtech Reference Design v1.5 Components

- Outdoor LoRa® Gateway for outdoor use
- Carrier-quality housing (IP67) for industrial use
- LoRaWAN® 1.0.3 Revision A (evolutionary)
- Supports unlicensed bands: 915-928MHz (APAC, Latin America)
- Supported LoRaWAN® regional parameters: AU915-928
- 8 channel RX (125 kHz, multi Spreading Factor) + 1 channel RX (250KHz)or 500kHz, Mono Spreading Factor) + 1 channel RX (FSK) for 10 channels RX + 1 channel TX
- Backhaul connectivity: 4G Worldwide module with 3G/2G fallback and Ethernet (RJ45)
- PoE (injector, switch, ....), both Mode A and Mode B (802.3af specifications) - +/- 48VDC by RJ45 (UPS, solar modules, ....)
- Fully integrated and internal antennas (GPS, 4G, LoRa), no external antenna installation required (external LoRa antenna optional).
- Internal LoRa antenna peak gain: +2.6dB
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Kerlink KLK02953 PoE INJECTOR 30W 55V OUTDOOR w/o power cable
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( 19 % VAT plus. excl. Shipping costs )
Shipping time: 3 Weeks

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