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Sensoneo Smart Waste Sensor LoRa/Sigfox Hardware Only OTAA, Single beam, ultrasonic filling-level sensor for smart waste applications, incl. mounting

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Single Sensor V3 LoRa HW only
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229,00 EUR
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The sensors are ultrasonic, robust, water and shock resistant, fully functional within wide temperature range, and are set to measure from 15 cm up to 170 cm.

The sensors can monitor any type of waste in containers of various types and sizes. The casing is made from recyclable polyimide optical fibers that provide not only an eco-design, but also helps with recycling.

Connectivity: LORA, SIGFOX, GSM as a Slave
Measurement: 6x day or interval measurement as
Min / max distance: 15 cm / 255 cm (high reflective
commodities), 170 cm/other commodities
Temperature range: - 30 °C to + 70 °C
Temperature measurement: Yes, microcontroller thermostat
Overturn measurement: Yes, mechanical type
Cover: Recyclable, polyamide with optical fibres
Containers: from 120 l to 2M3
Casing: IP67
Material: Recyclable, polyamide with optical fibers
Mounting options:Screws / Clench / Rails
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