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Before we start with the offer, we may need some data for your project. Or is it really only about a price inquiry?
Optimally, you can discuss this with our experts in a short phone call or web meeting.

Please provide us with the following information via the form:
1. Which application is to be implemented? What is the desired end state?
2. In which project phase does your request take place? (Preparation phase, planning phase, specification phase, commissioning)
3. Are pre-sales services required (initial configuration, assembly)?
4. Are after sales services required(warranty extension, managed services)?

Christoph HilbertUwe Rutschke
Christoph Hilbert
LoRaWAN, Sigfox, Payload Decoder
06821 9190-550
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Uwe Rutschke
LTE Router, VPN, SPS, Antennen
06821 9190-570
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