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Poynting HELI-0021-V2-02 Mini-Heli antenna assembly, 2.4GHz & 5-6GHz MIMO (4 ports), uni-directional; Max. Gain:13 dBi

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The HELI-21 is part of a series of mini HELI antennas. These antennas are only small compared to their larger brothers, the HELI-3, HELI-4 & HELI-8. HELI-8, but offer medium to high gain, making these antennas ideal for mine tunnels where IoT/M2M connectivity is deployed, and they can also be used for tunnel coverage. The HELI-21 is a dual-band Wi-Fi antenna for 2.4 GHz and 5 GHz that radiates in one direction (i.e., unidirectional). This makes it ideal for covering both Wi-Fi bands in mining and other tunnels. These antennas are typically used for in-tunnel IoT deployments to include telemetry and mine automation. These antennas are available with both left-circular (LHC) and right-circular (RHC) polarized antenna elements to provide optimal decorrelation within a MIMO deployment when using the BRKT-45, resulting in optimal performance. The decorrelation results from the polarization difference and spatial diversity between the two antenna elements, which improves MIMO performance and RF reliability in a mining tunnel. The dual-band Wi-Fi link propagates around tunnel curves in a non-line-of-sight scenario, providing immunity to many Wi-Fi signal interfering objects such as trains and drilling machines that appear to obscure the tunnel. 


- Wi-Fi antenna with four connectors for 2.4 GHz and 5 GHz.
- This antenna is designed specifically for mining and other types of tunnels where rapid network expansion is required
- Unidirectional - radiates in one direction in a tunnel
- Left and right circular polarized


- Addition of fiber/leaky feeder cable "hotspots" in areas to improve mobility or extend networks to inaccessible areas
- Underground telemetry and automation
- Build complete underground, tunnel-wide data networks and Internet/LTE connectivity
- Seamless connectivity to personnel via cell phones, smart devices and tablets

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