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Kerlink PDTIOT-IFE03 iFemtocell-evolution LoRaWAN Gateway 868MHz, IP30, Indoor, LAN/4G, 1x SIM

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399,00 EUR
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Maintenance contracts 1-5 years Bronze, Silver, Gold on request

The Wirnet ™ "iFemtoCell evolution" is the ideal gateway to support you in your Smart City, Smart Building or any Smart Project that requires dedicated indoor coverage and/or network densification and offers both unique superior coverage as well as operational excellence with an internal 3G/4G backhaul.

• Indoor LoRa ® Gateway,
• IP30
• Supported unlicensed bands: 863 874.4MHz EMEA, India)
• SupportedLoRaWAN ® regional parameters: EU863 870
• 8ch RX (125 kHz, multi Spreading Factor) + 1ch RX (250KHz or 500kHz, mono Spreading Factor) + 1ch RX (FSK) to get 10ch RX + 1ch
• Backhaul connectivity: 4G Worldwide module with 3G/2G fall back and Ethernet (
• Powered by:
- AC/DC power supply (90 264VAC /12VDC) with 5.5 x 2.5mm plug
- 5V DC supply via USB C
- Uninterrupted power supply with 5h or 24h autonomy (accessories )
• Highly secured device relying on a hardware secure core.
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Remote Einweisung/Inbetriebnahme
300,00 EUR

( 19 % VAT plus. excl. Shipping costs )
Shipping time: on request

Konfigurationsservice Grundinstallation/Staging Gateway/Router
99,00 EUR

( 19 % VAT plus. excl. Shipping costs )
Shipping time: on request

LoRaWAN Accessories

Gigabit PoE+ Splitter 802.3at, passend für Kerlink iFemtocell Gateways
28,30 EUR

( 19 % VAT plus. excl. Shipping costs )
Shipping time: in stock

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